Alpine Shelter Passo Pertica


Altitude: 1530 slms
Open in Summer, on Weekends and Holidays during the Winter
Bed places: n° 23

Privately owned, the "Passo Pertica"- shelter is one of the most frequented Trentino's shelters by the people of Verona thanks to its strategic location and indisputable reputation.
It rises to 1530 meters near the "Passo Pertica", a splendid natural window placed with a view of to the heading of the "Val di Ronchi" (to North West) and "Val di Revolto" (South),
at the foot of the oriental slope of "Cima Trappola" and at the base of the dolomitc bluff of the "Costa Media". Very frequented during the holidays, the "Passo Pertica"- shelter is point of departure for two important equipped runs: the "Angelo Pojesi" path (ex Cesare Battisti) and the briefest but more difficult fixed-rope route "Giancarlo Biasin" to the "Cengia di Pertica". It's a point of passage of the European path E7.

Built in the year 1964 and opened in August of the same year
Private ownership of the "Gino Cappelletti" family who built and managed it for almost 30 years, today it is managed by his son "Romeo" and by his wife "Marilena".

It is an alpine shelter with the availability of 23 bed places, service shower, service cafe and home kitchen with typical food of mountain tradition. Ideal place to spend calm evenings with the summer coolness absorbed in the silent heart of the Small Dolomites on the Carega -Group, or a cosy winter's evenings in a white and mystical landscape, near to the fire with friends and a good glass of hot wine.

Geöffnet ist sie im Sommer vom 15. Juni bis zum 20. September. Im Winter ist sie an Wochenenden, an Feiertagen, und zu Weihnachten vom 24. Dezember bis zum 6. Januar geöffnet.


-From "Ronchi" through forest road and therefore path 109 (times 3,30 )
-From "Revolto"- shelter on top of the "Val d' Illasi" long excavated road (times 0,40 )
-From "San Giorgio" on the "Lessinia-highlands" through "Passo Malera" (times 1,30)


  • Easily attainable going up again the "Val d'Illasi" up to "Giazza" and for others 8 Kms up to the "Revolto"- shelter (maximum limit where the vehicles can be parked). From here, to walk on excavated road (military road) for others 2 kms up to the "Passo Pertica" - shelter (possibility to shorten the road taking two shortcuts passing in front of the "Revolto" - shelter) . Time : 25 - 30 minutes taking the shortcuts.
  • Attainable also through the "Passo Malera" (1722 slms) departing from "San Giorgio" of "Boscochiesanuova"(1505 slms , known ski station, in winter, on the "Lessinia-highlands" ). This path is at first an easy and comfortable walk through the pastures up to the "Passo Malera" , but it gradually becomes more mountainous under "Cima Trappola" and the "Bella Lasta", it enters finally in a beech-wood up to the "Passo Pertica" -shelter (aproximately 1,30 hour from "San Giorgio").

  • it is attainable through "Valle di Ronchi". From the country of "Ala" follow the indications for "Ronchi" and "Schincheri" (850 m , maximum limit where the vehicles can be parked), then take the path which is initially easy and sweet up to "Malga Brusà" , and then more difficult and wild up to the "Passo Pertica" - shelter (aproximately 2,30 - 3,00 hours).

FROM THE VICENZA'S SLOPE the preferable runs are:
  • - From "Campogrosso" (1443 m , attainable going up the "Valle dell' Agno", through "Recoaro", "Merendaore", "La Guardia - shelter" and then "Campogrosso" - shelter ) proceeding on the path (trail sign n.7 - E5) up to the "Bocca dei Fondi" ( "Campogrosso - Bocca dei Fondi" , around 2 hours) , then going down to "Scalorbi"- shelter always on the path, and from here on exavated military road to return to "Passo Pertica" - shelter (around 1,20 hours).
  • -From locality "La Gazza" (attainable going up the "Valle dell'Agno", "Recoaro", localities "Storti" and "Parlati" up to the "Cesare Battisti" - shelter in locality "La Gazza "(1265 m.) proceeding through the trail sign n. 110 up to the "Passo Tre Croci" (1716 m , also called "Passo Lora") , coasting along the "Plische" mountain and to go down to the "Scalorbi" - shelter and from here on excavated military road (for 4,5 Kms.) to return to "Passo Pertica" - shelter (around 3,00 - 3,30 hours).

Recommended itineraries:

  • Place of ideal departure for all preferences. The easy walk on excavated military road can be chosen to go up to "Malga Campobrun" (opened from the end of June to the end of September) where a pasture with cows are among the sight seeing and it is possible to see to the work the "Peloso" brothers do in making milk, butter and cheeses (also smoked). There is a possibility of tasting and acquisition regarding such handicraft products.
  • Easy but more long excursions can be taken, with various paths to choose to reach to the "Pompeo Scalorbi"- shelter (1780 slms.) and "Mario Fraccaroli"- shelter (2234 slms.). This is the nearest Shelter to the tallest mountain of Carega-Group (2260 slms.)
  • The more adventurous can follow the silent and savage (equipped route) "Angelo Pojesi" (obligation to have karabiners, belay rope and climbing helmet), which is drawn for the most part on a ledge, then it coasts along the "Costa Media" on the slope North , goes up again up to the "Salle à mangèr", goes down with equipped passages, and it still coasts along and goes up again through a gorge that is equipped with wire ropes and fixed grips to go out to 15 minutes of the ridges of the "Costa Media" (around 2,00 - 2,30 hours). Here, the landscape is peaceful and relaxing after the hard climb. There is the possibility to reach the "Mario Fraccaroli"-shelter (around 40 minutes) following the ridges and passing through "Cima Madonnina", or to go down through a precipitous path on the military road and then returning to the "Passo Pertica" - shelter (around 1,00 hour).
  • For those brave and fit enough there is a route to take in front of the "Passo Pertica"- shelter you can venture on the steep and exposed fixed-rope route "Giancarlo Biasin", 80 mt. of wall to conquer scrambling insured with belay rope, karabiners and climbing helmet to reach the "Cengia di Pertica "(1742 slms.). You can go down easily through a brief path that brings on the second curve of military road above "Passo Pertica" - shelter (around 30 minutes)
  • There is another adventurous possibility for the more trained, that want to complete with a circuit big part of the Carega-Group, for around 6 - 7 hours of walking. Departing from "Passo Pertica" shelter, go down the path 109 in Place "Schincheri" (856 slms), then take the 108 path that climbs with constant and steady inclination the "valle di Penez", go through for the "Pala di Cherle" where the path straigthens and it still climbs up to "Capanna Sinel" (1990 slms, Private shelter of the "SAT" of "Ala" and place to camp out). From "Capanna Sinel" climb to trail sign 118 up to the "Fraccaroli"- shelter (2234 slms). From here go down the 112 path to the foot of "Cima Mosca" , exit of the "Vajo dei Colori", and still go down for E5 trail sign until "Scalorbi"- shelter. Therefore, on military road (others 4,5 Kms) to return to the "Passo Pertica"- shelter.
  • From the "Valle dei Ronchi" is possible to complete with a circuit, part of Carega-Group walking for 6 - 7 hours. Departing from "Passo Pertica"-shelter, go down the path 109 in Place "Schincheri" (856 slms), take the 108 path that has a constant and steady inclination to climb the "Valle di Penez", go through the "Pala di Cherle" where the path straightens and it still climbs up to "Capanna Sinel" (1990 slms, Private shelter of the "SAT" of "Ala" and place to camp). From "Capanna Sinel" climb to trail sign 118 up to the "Fraccaroli"- shelter (2234 slms). From here go down the 112 path to arrive at the foot of "Cima Mosca" , exit of the "Vajo dei Colori", and still go down for E5 trail sign until "Scalorbi"- shelter. From there , on military road (others 4,5 Kms) to return to the "Passo Pertica"- shelter.
  • And for true mountain climber, near and in front of "Passo Pertica"- shelter , there is the possibility to practice sport climbing, on routes recently opened by "Andrea Bosaro" with various degrees of difficulty. (For more detailed information please see the managers of "Passo Pertica"- shelter).

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